Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 2015 Supplier Community Update

Welcome, Suppliers. Thank you for joining us this quarter to stay current on UNFI supplier news. I’d also like to remind you to utilize our Supplier Support Site, another key resource for maximizing opportunities with UNFI.


Here are the latest updates from the SRM team:

Position Changes

Mark Slattery joined the SRM team as Promotions Manager. Mark has been with UNFI in various positions, and most recently as a Manager on the Commercial Strategy team.

Kiva Shogren has left the company to pursue other interests. As a result, we have implemented a coverage plan for her lines until a replacement has been named:

  • Perishable Condiments – Laura Russo
  • Perishable Desserts – James Gouin
  • Butter/Soft Cheese – Richard Bruns
  • Milk & Cream – Richard Bruns
  • Yogurt & Cultured Beverages – James Gouin
  • Eggs – Richard Bruns
  • Frozen Breakfast, Bread & Baked Goods – Melissa Farkas

SRM Contact List and Category Assignments

Click here for the latest SRM contact and category information.

Supplier Portal Launch

We have begun Beta testing our new Supplier Portal and expect a rolling-launch later this year. Once you receive further information, follow the instructions to take the first step of adding your company’s contact information. From there, you can add information such as warehouse availability, new item submissions, and promotions. We will continue to add features based on your feedback.

Local Supplier Focus

UNFI has launched a new initiative geared toward local suppliers with a dedicated team that supports small or start-up suppliers in key regions across the country.

Local Supplier Development Managers will seek new product ideas and suppliers in their region to bring to market. Working closely with customers and UNFI sales, Local Supplier Development Managers will focus on local trends, new products, and assortments. In a business advisory role, our Local Supplier Development teams will support the growth of new local suppliers in all facets of the distribution channel. This initiative is being led by Kimberly Bentz, Local Supplier Development Group Manager.

Regulatory Document Compliance and Maintenance Software

UNFI’s new supplier regulatory document compliance and maintenance software, TraceGains, will be implemented within the next few months. TraceGains allows you to send documents required by UNFI, such as certificates of insurance and food safety regulatory documents, via email for automatic upload for review by UNFI. Through TraceGains you will also be alerted on missing or non-compliant documents.

Suppliers have the option of becoming part of the TraceGains community and can set up an account with TraceGains, free of charge. This is not a necessity, but it is an added benefit.

For more information on how TraceGains works visit Kristin Andreozzi, UNFI Legal and Regulatory Compliance Administrator, is coordinating this project for UNFI. More information will be coming later this summer.


National Model Update for Inventory Planning and Replenishment (IPAR)

Progress has been made as we implement a national buying model. Many suppliers are now working with one buyer for both East and West distribution centers. We will continue to stagger the implementation of this model throughout the summer and early fall of 2015.

Your current buyer will be in touch with more information. Email with any additional questions.

Twin Cities Distribution Center Delivery Address

This is the correct address for inbound carries to use for deliveries to UNFI's Twin Cities Distribution Center.  Please update your records.
1101 Dexter Street N.
At the intersection of US 10 and Hwy  35
North Prescott, WI 54021

Final Twin Cities Distribution Center Customer Transitions

Our Twin Cities Distribution Center (DC), located near Prescott, WI, has over 22,000 items. Local Trudeau business was transitioned to this building and we have moved select customers from our Iowa City DC to the Twin Cities DC. Final customer transitions from the Iowa City DC will occur the week of July 12, 2015.

New Distribution Center Opening in Gilroy, CA

Our newest state-of-the-art LEED certified distribution center in Gilroy, CA, is scheduled to begin receiving orders on August 17, 2015 and begin shipping to customers on September 25. Similar to the Twin Cities and Ridgefield distribution centers, the Gilroy DC will operate on the Warehouse Management (WM) 2012 system.
  • Gilroy DC Location information
    • Address: 6351 Cameron Blvd, Gilroy, CA 95020
    • DUNS: 9435561830038
    • Phone: 408-846-1780
  • Setting Gilroy up in your system
    • In order for us to successfully place Purchase Orders, it is critical that you set up the new Gilroy location in your system prior to go-live of the distribution center.
    • To schedule an appointment, suppliers will email, once available.
  • Many things remain the same. Here are things that will not change:
    • UNFI account numbers
    • Your UNFI Supplier Relationship Manager (SRM)
    • Your UNFI Accounts Receivable contacts
    • Your UNFI remit to address
    • Your UNFI Buyer will remain the same as Rocklin
    • Purchase Orders
    • Mailing of Invoices
    • Deductions Questions
  • Customers will transition over in 4 phases:
    • Phase 1: 9/25/15
    • Phase 2: 10/30/2015
    • Phase 3: 1/30/2016
    • Phase 4: 2/27/2016
Please contact your SRM for assistance. Click here for a complete list of UNFI Warehouse DUNS information.

“Blackout” Period for Supplier Cost Changes

This year, the Supplier Cost Change “Blackout” period has been modified. For Safeway exclusive items, UNFI will not accept cost changes with effective dates between October 1 and December 31, 2015. All cost changes for these items will need to be effective prior to, or after, this time.  Contact your SRM or Joe Gordon with questions.

Electronic Manufacturer Chargeback (MCB) Report

Last year, UNFI replaced paper MCB reports with sortable electronic reporting from our Eastern Region business system. In July, we will be introducing a weekly PDF report of MCBs for suppliers on the Western business system. A sortable report is under development.  Please contact Joe Gordon  with questions.

Administrative Fees

Effective August 1, 2015, UNFI will change the minimum Administrative Fee for processing retailer marketing and advertising support billings to $75.00. Please contact your SRM or Joe Gordon with any questions.


Independent Channel Data

Do you need to track product sales and target the Independent Channel? The Supplier In-Site program (SIS) is a web-based tool that provides quarterly updated reports with five rolling quarters worth of data available at all times. The majority of reports featured in SIS focus on UNFI’s Top 500 Independent Retailers, representing approximately 70% of Independent Channel Sales.

Contact Aaron May at 401-528-8634 ext 32499, or click here for more information.

New Opportunities on the Web

Additional advertising options will be available in August 2015 on the UNFI Customer Portal:
  • Specified Category Ads - Suppliers can advertise at the top of a specified category page related to their products
  • Recommended Products Page - Featuring only 10 products each month, this page will feature trending brands and items.
  • Quick Entry Page - Space is available at the top of this streamlined Retailer ordering page.
Contact Laurie Donohue for rates and to reserve space, or click here for more information.

On the Road

UNFI has a fleet of over 1,000 trailers all over the country. Market your brand on the road by reaching millions of consumers directly. Click here for more information.



UNFI is completing the first phase of CORE, a multi-year program which will replace our East and West business systems with one core business system. In its first phase, we completed a comprehensive analysis of key requirements to evaluate technology vendors.  We will continue to keep you updated as we progress.

eCommerce Fulfillment for Suppliers

UNFI has made eCommerce enhancements that allow us to offer you eCommerce fulfillment services nationwide for your smallest accounts, including accounts that may order sporadically, with UPS shipment from our Hudson Valley, NY and Philadelphia, PA distribution centers.

UNFI eCommerce also offers drop ship services for etailers who are asking you to drop ship eaches or cases direct to consumers, but which you are unable or not interested in providing. You can simply forward those requests to the UNFI eCommerce Services team and we will get them selling your product online quickly. To fully participate, UNFI requires product information such as label images and ingredients. The easiest way to convey these materials to UNFI is to join IX-ONE , an industry-wide solution for product data and images.

eCommerce is an added service for our suppliers, provided at no cost to you. For more information on eCommerce, contact or click here for more details on the Hudson Valley, NY grocery assortment just added to the eCommerce program.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

We are closer to utilizing EDI to its full capacity with Purchase Order (PO) confirmations. EDI is an electronic communication platform designed for data exchange between UNFI and our suppliers. With upgrades that include PO confirmation capabilities, the benefits in time-savings and accuracy will increase. We understand not all of our suppliers currently use this platform, so we will be working with you as we implement EDI in July and August 2015.

Bob Meyer, UNFI Director of Inventory Planning and Replenishment is coordinating this project. More information will be provided in upcoming weeks.

Thank you for your support of UNFI. Please feel free to reach out to me or your SRM with any questions and comments.

John Raiche
Vice President, Marketing